April 2016


Have you ever wondered about life on other planets or whether or not UFOs really exist?  I have and still do all the time.What type of vehicles would be used to transport humans up there?  Definitely not your ordinary airport transportation service to get you there! That’s for sure.   There…

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So without too much blah blah, let’s get started on a rather controversial topic: the production, regulations, and confusion about the hemp/marijuana industry in America. History. First off, here’s a little history lesson on American hemp production (the close relative of marijuana). In 1619, hemp was so crucial to success…

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First off, let me just say that this isn’t your typical “World News.”  I created this blog to talk about all the bullsh*t I see around me on an everyday basis. The world news, CNN, NBC, Fox, and other news networks will greatly inspire our spectrum of content. However, those…

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