Use It, Don’t Abuse It

More and more people are prescribed drugs for this illness…that illness.  Heck, there’s a drug for the side effects that you’ll receive from your main drugs!  Many people become addicted to their prescriptions and actually have to seek help for substance abuse.  Can you imagine?  You need medicine to cure or help with an illness and you become addicted to it?  See…that’s that bull$h1t!  Come on pharmaceutical companies….for Pete’s sake do better.  Who’s pockets are being lined?  Who’s making out like a fat cat off at the expense of keeping people sick?

Well, take a look at cancer, for instance.  People have toyed around with cures for decades, yet no one will make money if there’s a cure, right?  Well, I’m sure the government would find some way to capitalize off any natural cure…just as they’re now making money off the sale of marijuana.  The old saying goes, “if you can’t beat em, join em.”  This is the perfect scenario for that quote.  At times, I feel like they (meaning the big Willies in pharmaceuticals) want to keep people sick.  How else would they make money?

Just remember, when it comes to medications, ask your doctor if there is a weaker dose that would suffice.  Many times they’re in bed with the pharmaceutical reps and get kickbacks from what they prescribe.  It’s a messed up situation all around.  You have to be your own advocate because some physicians, not all, don’t care.  Take care of your health.  So many times people are diagnosed with diabetes, high blood pressure and many other illnesses and don’t take them seriously.

What’s more important, getting hooked on drugs or living your best life possible?