Who’s Moving to Mars?


Have you ever wondered about life on other planets or whether or not UFOs really exist?  I have and still do all the time.What type of vehicles would be used to transport humans up there?  Definitely not your ordinary airport transportation service to get you there! That’s for sure.   There are so many galaxies that we haven’t tapped in to and why would every other planet be inhabitable except Planet Earth?  What makes this planet so special?  I mean, yeah there’s just the right amount of oxygen, hydrogen and whatever else is helping us stay alive here, but there is so much that we haven’t explored out there.

Ok…so, the word on the block is that back in 2015, NASA started soliciting companies such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin and Bigelow Aerospace to come up with housing for Planet Mars?  Wait a minute.  Come again!  Mars?  Why?  Obviously, there’s something they’re not telling us average Americans.  I bet the wealthy have already bought land on Mars and started designing their new living quarters.  They probably have even secured maid service already…I’m too much!

Now, I must admit…we probably won’t see life on Mars during our lifetime, but I’m pretty sure our offspring will be privileged to see this thing happen!  With technology advancing at such an alarming rate, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve already broken ground on Mars and just now letting us have wind of it.  Congress even have a funding bill for a prototype of homes designed for Mars and want to see them by 2018.

For now, Bigelow Aerospace has constructed an inflatable habitat similar to a family sized camping tent.  They’re already testing it out on the International Space Station.  Wow!  This is huge, to say the least.  The first homes will be used by astronauts only, but they are toying around with actually building homes for regular ol’ folk as well.

It just makes me wonder why Mars?  Why now?  Is Planet Earth in danger?  Is there a giant meteor on its way and they don’t want us to be alarmed?  Is Jesus really coming to rapture his people and those who are doomed to hell will have the option to buy some property on Mars?  Who knows, right?

All I know is that this shit isn’t funny.  Excuse my language.  Don’t leave me in the dark.  Give me the option to start financing some Mars Real Estate for my grands and great grands.  Just make sure the financing options are lower than student loan payments…geesh!

Photo credit: Shutterstock.com